We are excited that you are considering Urban Academy as your school of choice! Our mission is to provide superior education that will develop in our students’ academic excellence, leadership skills and social values that will enable them to ultimately become positive contributors to the community in which they live and society as a whole.

How will you prepare your child for success?

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent and are so elated that you are considering Urban Academy.

Urban Academy offers a rigorous curriculum, expert faculty and exceptional arts and STEM program which underscore the learning experience. Our balanced and holistic approach  to education through the honoring of legacy of Afrocentric pedagogy (Black 2 to the Core) and Excellence without compromise in addition  to our cultivation of our young scholars in having a deep sense of agency and pride in their culture and identity stands out among the top private schools.  We encourage you to explore more about how we can prepare your child for continued success!

“They push us here; they don’t ever let us stop doing our best.”
4th Grade Student

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Let’s get started on this journey together. There are a number of ways to begin, but it all begins with a conversation.

Complete the Inquiry Form using the link below or call us at 412.361.1008. If you are already decided and ready to apply, please use the respective buttons below to complete the application process!



Our teachers know that everyone has something to contribute, something that they know, so that it’s a happier learning environment for everybody. I like my teacher - she lets everybody get a chance, because we’re all one classroom and we have to work together.

4th Grade Student
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