Homework & Promotion Policy


It is recognized that all learning cannot be accomplished within the limited amount of time allotted during the school day. Therefore, homework is assigned to all students each night with the possible exception of weekends and holidays. Homework is assigned so student may learn to work independently, improve basic skills and reinforce material taught. Parents are also expected to assist students in the completion of their homework as well as review the homework before it is returned to school.  Homework varies with grade level and is geared to meet the educational outcomes established by the state for that grade. Students are expected to turn in assignments completed and on time.  

Suggestions for Homework

  • Have a place for your child to study.
  • Make sure your child has a dictionary and other supplies within reach.
  • Check to make sure homework is completed and neatly written.
  • Parents should feel free to contact the teacher at anytime, should any questions arise concerning any of the assignments.

Promotion Policy

Promotion of students to the next grade level will be based on multiple factors including the following: 

  1. Academic Progress
    1. Student maintains a grade of C or higher in Reading and Language Arts
    2. Student maintains a grade of C or higher in Mathematics
    3. Student meets requirements of grade level expectations
  2. Emotional and Social Development
    1. Student demonstrates emotional and social development for age group
  3. Attendance
    1. Student attends school on a regular basis
    2. Student arrives at school at designated times
    3. Parents/Guardians provides written documentation of health related issues from a health service providers for excused absences
    4. Bus transportation related absences verified by bus company and transportation coordinator
  4. STAR360 Scores
    1. Receive a score within the average range for Reading
    2. Receive a score within the average range for Mathematics
    3. Receive a score within the average range for Science
    1. Student scores within an appropriate range for oral reading fluency
    2. Student scores within an appropriate range for comprehension


A student may be retained and not promoted to the next grade level if they do not meet the above expectations for promotion after stringent intervention by the teacher and support services staff as suggested by the Instructional Leadership Team.

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