Our Curriculum

Academics & Curriculum

The Urban Academy’s belief in “Excellence Without Compromise”, permeates our academic and curricular philosophy. Each academic program encourages growth and success for all students. Our curriculum is set to align with the Pennsylvania Core Standards, while infusing both Black history and culture into every subject area. The Urban Academy’s School Performance Profile score has increased 48.3 in 2015-16 to 60.4 in the 2016-17 academic school year. This 25% increase is as a result of the school’s dedicated and motivated staff who believes in the school’s charter and each student’s holistic growth and development.

Most of our students spend a minimum of 2 hours per day focused on English Language Arts. Every grade participates in 60 to 90 minutes of daily math instruction. Within these blocks, all students participate in tiered instruction, allowing the entire school to receive instruction at their individual level. All grade levels have weekly access to the science lab where students participate in hands on real life experiences. Though core subjects are important, every scholar receives instruction in social studies and computer technology. Our extended school year allows students more time to focus on academics. Instruction is highly differentiated and all instructional staff members are required to create a rigorous learning environment for all students. Student Evaluation Plans are prepared annually which allow teachers, parents, and students to have direct dialogue about each scholar’s academic standing, progress, and goals.

Grade Level Checklist 2018-2019

PA Core Aligned Curriculum

Education requirements are forever changing; in order to create the next generation of leaders, we hold our students to a high standard of achievement. All instructional staff follows reading and math curriculum designed specifically for Urban Academy that allows conceptual understanding. In order to ease the learning of critical information, math and reading information is organized and structured for each grade level.

Rigorous and Data Driven Learning Environment

We understand that every student has a variety of skills and abilities. It’s our job to meet every student where they are, yet challenging their higher order thinking skills by creating a student centered environment where students create dialogue and challenge each other using grade level focused material and information. Schoolwide data is used to create and instruct small groups daily which allow every student to receive instruction on their individual level.

Black 2 the Core

As an institution founded on African Principles, it is essential to incorporate history and culture into daily lessons. Every student has the right to learn content that builds on their prior knowledge and cultural experiences. We remain Black 2 the Core by not only teaching black history, but infusing the rich history and culture into every subject area in each grade level.


All students are afforded enrichment opportunities through coding, art, spanish, tutoring, and project based learning. Any student needing enrichment receives small group instruction 3-5 days a week in reading and math. All 4th and 5th grades participate in dissection lessons and every child in the building participates in STREAM related activities.

Parent’s Academy

The Urban Academy staff and parents work together to provide the best academic experience for all scholars. This year we’ve implemented Parent’s Academy which allows parents an opportunity to understand school expectations, PA Core Standards, data, and Title 1. Parent’s Academy not only strengthens the relationship between Urban Academy and parents, but implements ongoing knowledge for parents to stay connected within their scholar’s educational experience.