Middle States Accreditation

The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (CESS) accredit early-childhood through post-secondary, non-degree granting public, private, faith-based educational institutions including special purpose schools, supplementary education centers, learning services providers, and distance education institutions. Historically, MSA-CESS has operated in the mid-Atlantic region. With its cooperative partners, it has expanded its scope to include schools and institutions seeking accreditation throughout the United States and member institutions in more than 85 countries around the world. At this time there are only 700 schools in Pennsylvania with a Middle States Accreditation.

A Middle States-Accredited Institution:

  • Adheres to the Middle States Standards for Accreditation
  • Uses its mission, beliefs, and goals as the basis for daily decision-making
  • Operates in the public interest and in accordance with ethical practice
  • Accepts responsibility for the level of performance of its students
  • Remains committed to continuous improvement in student learning and to its capacity to produce the levels of learning desired and expected by its community
  • Operates in a collegial and collaborative way with all of its stakeholders
  • Sustains its focus on implementing recommendations, addressing monitoring issues and correcting stipulations that may be part of its notification of accreditation and
  • Fulfills its maintenance requirements to the Commission

For more information on MSA visit the website for Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools