Why Urban Academy?

The Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School is foremost a learning community where the responsible development of the mind is the highest priority. As a public elementary school, our task is to prepare students not just for college but to become independent thinkers and learned, compassionate and productive citizens of the world.

Students at Urban Academy work closely with teachers in small classes that encourage them to listen, reflect, analyze and articulate. Our classrooms are places where teachers and students are constantly engaged in appropriate intellectual discourse. Beyond the classroom, all student endeavors, from athletics to arts, encourage the growth of the mind.

Teachers are themselves students and scholars at the Urban Academy. Well over half hold advanced degrees and maintain active roles in their fields, publishing articles and books, giving and attending workshops and performing in plays and concerts. Urban Academy supports the ongoing professional development of its teachers with study grants, sabbaticals, fellowships and special curriculum development projects.

At Urban Academy, self-discovery is an ongoing process that extends well beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to take risks and build confidence through a wealth of opportunities in the arts, athletics, student clubs and community service.

How Get The Most Out Of Urban Academy